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Piano Lesson


Piano lessons are taught with a strong emphasis on developing sightreading and music theory skills. Students begin by playing a series of technical exercises to "warm up" the fingers and strengthen technique. Music is then assigned to progress the student's sightreading ability and comprehension of music theory. Students are also able to choose additional music of their choice from genres such as classical, popular, musical theater and jazz which are appropriate for their skill level.

COVID19 MEASURES: Piano lessons are offered in-person or virtually. Masks are required for in-person lessons. Surfaces are disinfected before and after each student. Students and teacher will be seated six feet apart. 


Voice lessons begin with a vocalise sequence in order to "warm up" the voice and strengthen technical skills, such as breath management and support, resonance, registration, and articulation. We then begin working on a piece of music chosen collaboratively by the student and teacher. I believe that music should first and foremost reflect the interest and joy of the student, while also appropriately reinforcing the technical goals of the student. My goal is to bring out each student's authentic sound with confidence.

COVID19 MEASURES: Due to the superspreading nature of singing, voice lessons are offered virtually only at this time. 

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